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sensuality of lengger

Lengger a folk art movement characterized by erotic and sensual high. Lengger serving on full display ancient sacred values Lengger dancers were even present motion and sounds erotic. Lengger erotic movement, able to divert the attention of the entertainment-hungry society even though Banyumas community. As growing a period progress, serving Lengger actual art form when the program began to shift. From a wider range of motion, sensual Lengger the first shift is even now threatened. In fact when ini9 Lengger dancers pursue a glamorous form of presentation and no value beyond the sanctity of this dish erotis.In motion choreographer tries to express the spiritual back into a dancer on the side Lengger sensuality.
Thus presented a synopsis of the arable shown dance works at Arena Theater Central Java Cultural Park on 30 November 2009. Pring Serentet Dance groups entitled Sensuality of Lengger, this group trying to express sensuality Lengger dancers. Lengger, who background on the arts from the coast, with the hip movements that is erotic as one of the symbols of art that is often referred to as the art pesisiran style.
In the dance work of Lengger Sensuality as a choreographer who was born in Banyumas and contact with indigenous cultures Banyumas Cahwati trying to raise the back side of the sensuality of the dancers Lengger identical to shake your hips with the punch with kendhang Banyumasan. Cahwati and dance groups collaborate Serentet Pring between modern dance with various dance Banyumasan styles. Also in terms of working on his music, where musical instruments Calung collaborate with musical instruments like Flute, guitar, bass, violin and other diatonic instrument.
Sensuality Of Lengger danced by 5 female dancer and 1 woman Lengger dancer represents the Lengger in Era 1980s. Singing who sung in this dance work illustrates a virgin who is having a high sensuality as well as having high attractiveness to the opposite sex also. Gestures and looked dynamic characteristic of this dance work. Spiritual dancers Lengger also presented through the motion of a dancer with the position of facing Lengger 4 mecca 5 pancer (saluting the 4-way). The atmosphere is presented in this dance work is to present a glamorous atmosphere, but still represented the rural atmosphere that is present setting of bamboo trees presented in the stage. Bamboo is a characteristic of the region Banyumas.

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