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Present Lengger Banyumasan

Lengger is one type of People's Art in the form of serving the show with musical accompaniment Calung.  Calung is a set of musical instruments made of bamboo that lined and has its own sound tones in each lajurnya.  Consists of a set of Calung barung xylophone, xylophone successor, dhendhem, kenong and gongs are all made of bamboo wulung (black), while the drum or drum made of leather and wood are hollowed. 

Art Lengger is one kind of folk art that is played by female dancers and a kind of dance-themed art for a significant association of fertility.  According to the history that the dancers are male Lengger first with the development as a player he turned into a woman dancer until now.  Lengger itself associated with fertility rites, in the ancient Banyumas Lengger Group will hold a gig in village after village farmers to harvest rice.  Usually Lengger dancers spontaneously spread the mat on the field and danced calung drummers and drum.  The show usually begins late afternoon and ended late at night.  In the start of the drummers drum as a sign of the coming harvest season and the players responded with calung to gather the villagers and then continued with the arrival of Lengger dancers.  Only show Lengger procession took place.  Amid the show is usually a member of the group circulated Lengger box to collect money from spectators who enjoyed the show that night.  At a certain point the dancers Lengger able to play their role as bearers of sacred duty to bring dance to honor their goddess of fertility. 

Lengger a folk art movement characterized by erotic and sensual high.  Lengger serving on full display ancient sacred values Lengger dancers were even present motion and sounds erotic.  Lengger erotic movement, able to divert the attention of the entertainment-hungry society even though Banyumas community.  As the development period Lengger serving actual art form when the program began to shift.  The monotony of the motion becomes more diverse, sensual and aesthetic value as a dance performed for many groups.
In the past 1965 years in the era of many who think that art can bring maksiyat Lengger and was started in 1970 began to appear again Lengger As with the search event in the campaign of political parties.  We have also had some notion that the arts are still an erotic Lengger.  Whereas when viewed from the side of the aesthetic that is Lengger art is folk art but has a unique value.
Customs dancers who requested Sawer Lengger currently almost no indigenous only invite people who watched the dance is still performed by some arts groups Lengger.  Servings in each performance is much more compressed first performed from the afternoon until late at night during the duration of the gig is only about 1-2 hours, but still there are some arts groups are still present this art with duration of more than 4 hours late into the night.
In this Lengger development of the arts serve only as a fertility rite now been developed as a function of entertainment for the community, as well as the spectacle that has aesthetic value.  This art began in 2000 period has been able to align themselves with other arts, many art festivals can be obtained by presenting arts champion Lengger.  There are some good artists and artists of original Banyumas Surakarta Lengger working with the dish and a different view as an example Serentet Pring Dance group based in Solo, this group could serve Lengger art with a different dish, the works that have been produced, among others Senggot and Sensuality Of Lengger even a choreographer from the surakartaa Danang Romadon try mengkombain Banyumasan music and movement with music and hip-hop movement, but this claim is still embryonic. Senggot dance in musical works inspired by the launch of special music senggot Brebes areas that mimicked the launch Banyumasan. The work of this dance describes the women, erotic and has a great spirit.
In concept inspired from the local language which means Senggot Banyumasan Pots (where to get water).  To take water bailer bailer usually moves with the hand movements that make up the curve so it looks like swaying.  This bailer movement that inspired the dance with the dominant senggot hip motion and body sway. In His Sensuality of Lengger, Pring Dance Team try to express sensuality Serentet Lengger dancers.  Where dilatar Lengger which backs on art from the coast, with the hip movements that is erotic as one of the symbols of art that is often referred to as the art style pesisiran. In the work of Sensuality Dance Dance Team Pring Lengger Serentet trying to raise the back side of the sensuality of the dancers Lengger identical to shake your hips with the punch with kendhang Banyumasan.  Pring Serentet dance groups collaborate between modern dance with various dance styles Banyumasan.  Also in terms of working on his music, where musical instruments Calung collaborate with musical instruments like Flute, guitar, bass, violin and other diatonic instrument.
Sensuality Of Lengger danced by 5 men and 1 woman dancer dancer dancer menyimbulkan Lengger the Lengger in Era in the 1980s.  Tembang who sung in this dance work illustrates a virgin who is having a high sensuality as well as having high attractiveness to the opposite sex also.  Gestures and looked dynamic characteristic of this dance work.  Spiritual dancers Lengger also presented through the motion of a dancer with the position of facing Lengger 4 mecca 5 pancer (saluting the 4-way).  

The atmosphere is presented in this dance work is to present a glamorous atmosphere, but still represented the rural atmosphere that is present setting of bamboo trees presented in the stage.  Bamboo is a characteristic of the region Banyumas.
Thus part of the picture Lengger Arts who has experienced the development of forms of presentation, the concept works, and openness to other cultural influences.  But in any development of this artistic values and characteristics of art Lengger which still held by the successor generation without abandoning the standards that have become a symbol and has become a rule that can not be infringed. This is a legacy from the ancestors Banyumas which must remain preserved.

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