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rohwong dance

ROHWONG word derived from the word meaning Spirit Soul and Wong, which means a uwong (Spirit Soul) in java language .  This dance work coreographed by Otniel Tasman, who was born in Banyumas on January 25, 1988.  The Choreographers study in SMKI Banyumas and continued his studies at the ISI Surakarta.  Othniel was once attached to the culture of Banyumas where he was raised and educated in the arts SMKI Sendang Mas Banyumas.  

Dance Rohwong work began from the experience of seeing a show choreographed ritual summoning rain in the area of cowongan Banyumas,. Cowongan is one of the rituals performed by the first tempo Banyumas to ask for rain. Cowongan was a doll made of traditional water bucket made from coconut shell and handle are made of bamboo fabric dililiti. Motion on the work of this dance movement elements doll takes a hard cowongan seizures but as though dancing is driven by human beings because, apart from that the atmosphere of a community spirit of the ritual also cowongan insipirasi the idea of making this work Rohwong dance. Vokabuler motion used is the development of dance movement and there is an impression Banyumasan accent ballet or modern dance that dikombain with traditional instruments like drums, flutes, etc..
Early scenes of this dance work begins with descriptions quiet village atmosphere or ambiance wingit preparation of the ritual.  Then a voice vote rammpak drums and flutes to deliver the evening.  All five dancers come from 2 directions with a torch while containing nembang spells.  In the scene described the mid-point of the ritual of reading cowongan with spells and tembang-tembang.  As an ending to all the dancers move like that cowongan jumping up and down and explore facial expression, and the music starts to rise until the point of climax. 

Tembangan used as a depiction of a ritual among other cowongan :
1.tuan rohman….tuan rohim…
tangise wong wedi mati…
mati…….nglayung gendung sempal lembeyane
si lengkung si raden nana 2x


solasi solanjana menyan putih nggon ngundang dewa.,
ana dewa saka surga …..surga kono surga kene….
Widodari temurunna   tumuruna….
Jagad dewatasaji  dewatasa sing jagad raya…..


dewatasa jagad-jagad urip
roh menungsa lebur andaniro putri
hiwakabi…hiwakabirana 4x

sung a 2x

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